Somalia CBCA Program - Announcement

Somalia CBCA Program - Announcement

Ministry of Commerce & Industryof the Federal Government of the Somali Republic has signed Consignment Base Conformity Assessment Contract with PGM in order to secure Health, Safety and Environment of Somalian People.

PGM is only the Testing, Inspection and Certification Company to operate CBCA Program of Somalia.

As from 15th September 2015, any consignment will have to be verified prior being shipped to Somalia. All inspected goods will be issued a Transitional certificate and goods will not be rejected into the country even if they fail to meet the required standards but the importers and exporters will be informed about the non- conformity on their goods.

The Transitional period will end on 31st October 2015.

The CBCA program will be at its full implementation stage as from 1st November 2015. The certificate of conformity (CoC) will be required for the clearance of goods and consignment of listed goods not accompanied with this certificate will be refused from entry into the country.

For further information related to the CBCA program in Somalia, please visit our web site http://fttf.pgminspection.com / http://somali.pgminspection.com

Email: conformity@pgminspection.com

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